The Lost Socks: Arrrgyle the Pirate Sock

Arrrgyle is probably the most popular of The Lost Socks characters and the first one I created. I was inspired by this cheesy pirate joke: “What kind of socks do pirates wear? Arrrrrrgyle!” The rest of his story practically wrote itself.


Arrrgyle the Pirate Sock says,
“Hope your birthday is aarrrsome!”


Which is kind of like “awesome,”
but with some pirate thrown in.


Character story inside:

From the mysterious realm beyond the dryer –
it’s The Lost Socks!

Arrrgyle the Pirate Sock

Lost on the dangerous seas
of the washing machine,
Arrrgyle spend his days avoiding
Davey Jones’ footlocker
and searching for
booties to line his
treasure chest!


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