Easter Card: The Miracle Was Only Beginning

I love, love, love this card.

I wrote and edited this one years ago and it has been in the American Greetings Easter line ever since. I was really inspired by the idea that Easter morning is the beginning of something amazing and miraculous. I like the simplicity of it all, too. It has a softness that’s really lovely and understated.

The card also features Bible verses from the Gospel of John (which is my absolute favorite book of the Bible). The first is my girl, Mary Magdalene, speaking. “I have seen the Lord,” she says as she runs to tells the other disciples that she has discovered Jesus very much alive at his tomb. The second quote comes from the story of Thomas, who doubts that Jesus has risen from the dead and refuses to believe it until he can see for himself. Naturally, Jesus obliges, and Thomas believes. But he tells him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

So, I love the juxtaposition between these two verses. Mary has seen Jesus at the tomb. Thomas has seen as well. But Jesus is also telling us that it’s a blessing when we believe without being able to see first. Faith involves investing our hearts and lives in a mysterious and unseen world. That’s the beauty of Easter morning. It’s the miracle that began almost 2,000 years ago and that we still carry with us today.


As the sun came up
on Easter morning,
the miracle was only beginning…

“I have seen the Lord!”

John 20:18


“Because you have seen me,
you have believed;
blessed are those who have not seen
and yet have believed.”

John 20:29

May the wonders of this season —
the beauty of springtime,
the newness of life,
the Resurrection of Jesus —
fill your heart with joy
and your life with love.


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