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A Series of Unfortunate Events Christmas Ornament

On back of box: Warning! This is no ordinary holiday trimming! Narrated by Lemony Snicket in a uniquely dreary style, A Series of Unfortunate Events tells the story of the three Baudelaire children and their attempts to escape the dreadful Count Olaf. This “unfortunate” ornament features three different ways to display your picture with the … Continue reading

Dilbert Christmas Ornaments

On back of box: Dilbert’s all set to give his presentation at the company’s holiday meeting, and his flip chart is sure to shed some light on the true meaning of Christmas in a cubicle! The pages on the chart turn to reveal Dilbert’s own corporate take on the Twelve Days of Christmas, written by … Continue reading

SpongeBob Squarepants Christmas Ornament

On back of box: Here comes Santa SpongeBob and Patrick the Star-fished Reindeer! This Christmas, they are helping the real Santa Claus by delivering presents to all the residents of Bikini Bottom. Everything’s going along swimmingly as Patrick pulls the sleigh and SpongeBob holds on tight to his shell full of gifts. Ho, ho, ho! … Continue reading

Holly Hobbie Christmas Ornament

On back of box: Holly Hobbie is learningto ice-skate at the holidays! This precious collectible figurine features Holly steadying herself as she makes her way across the snowy ice, with her curious little pup underfoot. Known for her sweet country style and homespun charm, Holly is looking festive in her green coat with candy-cane striped … Continue reading

Let It Be

Let It Be Christmas always gets me thinking about the Beatles’ song Let It Be. I know, not the typical seasonal carol or holiday jingle, but still a beautiful song for Christmastime. I first made this connection when I heard the song mentioned in a Christmas sermon a few years ago. The gospel passage for … Continue reading

Sweetest Day Card

Front: For My Husband My Soul Mate Whenever I think about our life together and the love we share, I realize even more what a wonderful husband you are… Inside: No one else understands me so perfectly, no one knows me, inside and out, like you do. I can be myself around you – act silly … Continue reading

Religious Easter Card

Front: Jesus (in different languages) Inside: He is a light for all the world. Happy Easter All nations will be blessed through him… Psalm 72:17