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Let It Be

Let It Be Christmas always gets me thinking about the Beatles’ song Let It Be. I know, not the typical seasonal carol or holiday jingle, but still a beautiful song for Christmastime. I first made this connection when I heard the song mentioned in a Christmas sermon a few years ago. The gospel passage for … Continue reading

Religious Easter Card

Front: Jesus (in different languages) Inside: He is a light for all the world. Happy Easter All nations will be blessed through him… Psalm 72:17

Religious Easter Card

Front: As the sun came up on Easter morning, the miracle was only beginning… I have seen the Lord! John 20:18 Inside: May the wonders of this season – the beauty of springtime, the newness of life, the Resurrection of Jesus – fill your heart with joy and your life with love.

Religious Birthday Card

Front: Created by God Contains 100% Divine Love Made in Heaven Care Instructions: Hug Often Shower with Smiles Handle Gently Add Laughter Pray as Needed Inside: God sure made someone special when He made you! Have a Wonderful Birthday