Holly Hobbie Christmas Ornament

On back of box: Holly Hobbie is learningto ice-skate at the holidays! This precious collectible figurine features Holly steadying herself as she makes her way across the snowy ice, with her curious little pup underfoot. Known for her sweet country style and homespun charm, Holly is looking festive in her green coat with candy-cane striped … Continue reading

Review of I Was Jane Austen’s Best Friend

Review of I Was Jane Austen’s Best Friend

As seen on AustenBlog: Review by Lisa Galek When a teenage Jane Austen becomes gravely ill at boarding school, her sixteen-year-old cousin, Jenny Cooper, wanders out at midnight into the dangerous streets of Southampton in order to send word to the Austen family. There, she meets the handsome Captain Thomas Williams, who offers her his … Continue reading

Harry Potter Paper

Excerpt from graduate paper on themes of evil in the Harry Potter series: Joanne Kathleen Rowling was born on July 31, 1965 near Bristol, England. As a girl she loved to read and had a vivid imagination. She would often make-up stories and tell them to her younger sister, Diane. Though she rarely shared it with anyone, … Continue reading

Let It Be

Let It Be Christmas always gets me thinking about the Beatles’ song Let It Be. I know, not the typical seasonal carol or holiday jingle, but still a beautiful song for Christmastime. I first made this connection when I heard the song mentioned in a Christmas sermon a few years ago. The gospel passage for … Continue reading

Sweetest Day Card

Front: For My Husband My Soul Mate Whenever I think about our life together and the love we share, I realize even more what a wonderful husband you are… Inside: No one else understands me so perfectly, no one knows me, inside and out, like you do. I can be myself around you – act silly … Continue reading

Religious Easter Card

Front: Jesus (in different languages) Inside: He is a light for all the world. Happy Easter All nations will be blessed through him… Psalm 72:17

Religious Easter Card

Front: As the sun came up on Easter morning, the miracle was only beginning… I have seen the Lord! John 20:18 Inside: May the wonders of this season – the beauty of springtime, the newness of life, the Resurrection of Jesus – fill your heart with joy and your life with love.

Religious Birthday Card

Front: Created by God Contains 100% Divine Love Made in Heaven Care Instructions: Hug Often Shower with Smiles Handle Gently Add Laughter Pray as Needed Inside: God sure made someone special when He made you! Have a Wonderful Birthday