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Here are some of my writing samples:


Tower City’s Annual Mr. Kringle’s Inventionasium Goes Digital (Cleveland Magazine)
Exhibiting Flexibility: How Museums are dealing with Covid-19 Impacts (Northeast Ohio Parent)
Staying Healthy During Flu & Coronavirus Season (Northeast Ohio Parent)


Postcard #1 (Public School Levy Campaign)
Postcard #2 (Public School Levy Campaign)
Doorhanger (Public School Levy Campaign)

Personal Essays

Staying Creative (A Place to Dwell)


Toy Story (
Aladdin (
Finding Nemo (
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (
Beetlejuice (
Clue (


Colors+ Offers Support for LGBTQ+ Youth…Like, Really Young LGBTQ+ Youth (The Buckeye Flame)
Ace and Aro Alliance of Central Ohio Creates Awareness and Offers Support & Advocacy (The Buckeye Flame)


7 Ways to Keep Faith at the Center of Your Family While Staying Home (uCatholic)

Engaging Twilight (Feminism & Religion)
Power and Wealth in The Hunger Games (Feminism & Religion)

Study Guide: Numbers (
Study Guide: Ruth (
Study Guide: 1 Chronicles (
Study Guide: 2 Chronicles (
Study Guide: Song of Solomon (
Study Guide: Lamentations (

Study Guide: Matthew  (
Study Guide: John (
Study Guide: Acts of the Apostles (
Study Guide: Romans (
Study Guide: 1-2 Corinthians (
Study Guide: 1-2 Thessalonians (
Study Guide: Galatians, Philippians & Philemon (
Study Guide: Ephesians & Colossians (
Study Guide: Pastoral Epistles (
Study Guide: Hebrews (
Study Guide: Johannine Epistles (
Study Guide: James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter & Jude (
Study Guide: Revelation (

Greeting Cards

Christmas Card: “Deck yourself before you wreck yourself… Light it up and have a chill Christmas.” (American Greetings)

Thank You Card: “I’m tossing gratitude your way like big handfuls of glitter… That’s one giant mess of thankfulness.” (American Greetings)

Anniversary Card: “You guys hit it and didn’t quit it… And people say romance is dead. Happy Anniversary” (American Greetings)

Birthday for Her Card: “Your hair looks great today… I’m assuming. I bought this card a few days ago, but your hair game is pretty much always on point.” (American Greetings)

Valentine’s Day Card: “I love that we’re a team. You’ve got me and I’ve got you. That’s why we’re so great together… Thanks for being by my side.” (American Greetings)

Father’s Day Card: “You and I share an amazing life together, filled with ups and downs good times and bad – but there’s one thing that always comforts me… At least we don’t have ugly children. Love you! Happy Father’s Day” (American Greetings)

Romantic Card: “I’m gonna cover you in kisses when the kids aren’t looking… And then when they go to bed…” (American Greetings)

“Cook It” E-Card: Salt-N-Pepa Inspired Thanksgiving Song Parody (American Greetings)

What to Write in His First Father’s Day Card (American
Father’s Day Messages for Your Father-in-law (American
18th Birthday Wishes (American
Christmas Card Message Ideas (American
Thank You Message Ideas (American
Congratulations on Your Job Promotion (American


Book Review: The Dark Days Club (Austenprose)
Book Review: Once Upon a Second Chance (Austenprose)
Book Review: When I’m With You (Austenprose)
Book Review: The Trouble with Flirting (Austenprose)
Book Review: Turning Pages (Austenprose)
Book Review: Sass and Serendipity (Austenblog)
Book Review: I Was Jane Austen’s Best Friend (Austenblog)
Book Review: Prada and Prejudice (Austenblog)

The Bad Beginning (
Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (
The Velveteen Rabbit (
Will Grayson, Will Grayson (
A Long Way Gone (
Jacob Have I Loved (
Homecoming (
Bronx Masquerade (
Midwinterblood (
A Little Less Girl (

Product Reviews

Work Anniversary Gift Ideas (American

Warm Fuzzies Furry Gift Bag (Amazon)

Review: A Jane Austen Christmas (Austenprose)
Review: As If!: The Oral History of Clueless (Austenprose)
Review: Miss Georgiana Darcy of Pemberley (Austenprose)
Review: Young Jane Austen (Austenprose)
Review: Aerendgast (Austenprose)
Review: The Muse (Austenprose)
Review: So Jane: Crafts and Recipes for an Austen-Inspired Life (Austenprose)
Review: The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet (Austenprose)
Review: Margaret Dashwood’s Diary (Austenprose)
Review: Jane Austen, Game Theorist (Austenprose)
Review: The Highbury Murders (Austenprose)
Review: Project Darcy (Austenprose)
Review: A Jane Austen Daydream (Austenprose)
Review: Austensibly Ordinary (Austenprose)
Review: Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen (Austenprose)
Review: The Beresfords (Austenprose)
Review: Mr. Darcy’s Refuge (Austenprose)
Review: Pulse and Prejudice (Austenprose)
Review: The Disappearance of Georgiana Darcy (Austenprose)


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (
Nine Perfect Strangers (
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (